• The building is located in Helsinki city centre
  • At the start of the project, Kivipalatsi had long been used as office space
  • The building's technical solutions had reached the end of their lifecycles
  • The whole building was completely renovated to its original glory with regard to today's living requirements
  • The building comprises of 28 residences and one business property

The challenge and the solution

The project's goal was to create modern accommodation whilst respecting the original architecture. The project was very challenging in many ways as it required a number of comprehensive building permits as well as formal consideration by the Finnish Museum Authorities incorporated into the planning phases.

The result

Along with Ahlström Capital we bought Kivipalatsi in 2012. We could save a stately and valuable building and restore it to its original use as a residential property. The renovated property is of very high standard. The modern technical solutions are implemented with respect for the original architecture.

Unique building

Kivipalatsi was renovated with care. The facades were restored to their original splendour and frescoes were restored from the floor to the ceiling.

The new apartments on the ground floor facing the courtyard and loft homes are unique and represent modern urban living at its best. The project was of great importance not only for those who now live in Kivipalatsi but also to the city of Helsinki.