• The property is located in Vallila, Helsinki
  • Many special requirements were required
  • The customer had a tight budget
  • In close cooperation with the client and with effective planning the appropriate property was identified within the required timeframe

The challenge and the solution

In Spring 2013 an urgent need arose for the City of Helsinki to resolve the location for a secondary education facility in Vallila.

There were many requirements: proximity to the existing school centre, security, and not least the qualitative and functional special requirements that teaching requires. The property was placed in service only three months after the signing of the lease.

At first the task seemed almost impossible, but after many constructive and intensive negotiations, we started this challenging project. It was pertinent to select reliable and knowledgeable partners for this project to succeed and the customer actively participated in the project. The project architect and contractor were PES-Architects and YIT respectively.

Cost efficiency through planning

The initial space requirements were estimated at 5500 sqm, but to realise a project of this magnitude would have been financially impossible for the City of Helsinki. Together with our partners and client, we developed a solution whereby a surface of 4000 sqm was sufficient to cover the institution's needs.

The result

For all parties, it was important to succeed in creating functional and quality areas within the City of Helsinki's financial targets and the tight timetable. The school opened its doors as planned in August 2013 and the final transfer of the building took place in the Autumn of 2013.

Working towards a common goal

All parties involved in this project were working towards a common goal. This allowed for all project objectives to be achieved, which in the beginning seemed almost impossible.