• When the project started the property had a low occupancy rate
  • Our client, Speakers Forum were seeking a high quality and malleable property
  • Property planning took into account future needs for change
  • In addition to Speakers Forum, other companies moved to the property and the property has been fully leased over a period of time already


“Speakersforum and Eventforum had expanded and we required new premises. Together with HGR Property Partners we found an excellent solution, which was much more than just space and rent.

We found a partner who, regardless of the situation, spoke the same language as us when it came to office spaces. This partnership has continued although I have moved on to other operative tasks. To this day we have three succesful projects with HGR.” – Patrik Ekman, CEO

The challenge and the solution

We wanted to understand Speakers Forum's business concept and plan their properties accordingly. We always endeavour to ensure a viable and functional solution for both parties, and also taking into account the client's needs in the long term.

Speakers Forum is a company with a good reputation and good growth potential and wanted to accommodate their growing business operations with a reasonable investment. Quality and comfort were important both from a customer and employee perspective. Flexibility was also important in view of future changes.

By identifying the factors that had the greatest effect on the property’s functionality we reached a solution. We created a plan that consisted of the actual office as well as educational and entertainment facilities and entered into a lease agreement, which guaranteed the interests of both parties.

Result: the right space for the right customer

We managed to create a work environment that supports our client's business operations, increase staff motivation and thereby generate added value.

Long-term cooperation

Our cooperation with Speakers Forum has continued in a positive spirit and the spaces have been adapted according to the company's development objectives. We have since renewed our lease and we hope for continued good cooperation.