HGR Property Partners Oy

  • Real Estate Development company
  • Works as an investment partner with venture capital investors
  • Invests in office and residential housing development projects in Helsinki

We always concider mutually beneficial solutions. We produce practical and long term solutions for the tenant as well as the investor.

Our starting point is to always reach mutually beneficial solutions for all parties.

How we function

Our strength is individual solutions that generate added value for our customers. It is about discovering and implementing various development opportunities in order for the business to run smoothly and flexibly, as well as developing a deep understanding of customer needs.

We create real estate entities that in the long term bring mutual benefits to those who use them as well as those who invest in them. We have succeeded in creating long-term customer and partner relationships using our business concept.

Our business concept with investors

HGR Property Partners owns properties along with various investors. Cooperation is based on HGR Property Partners being responsible for the operative business.

Investors and partners of HGR Property Partners include Sveafastigheter, YIT and Ahlström Capital.