HGR Property Partners aim is to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces and buildings for all occupiers and citizens in a long-term perspective.
Thus, sustainability efforts are significant to us and steer our everyday activities from the analysis of new investment possibilities to the development activities. HGR Property Partners’ long-term goal is to develop only properties with carbon neutral energy usage by 2030. This is mainly achieved by energy efficiency activities like improvements in lightning and HVAC systems as well as on-site energy production and generation via geothermal heat wells and solar panel.

Enlivening the cities

Apart from environmentally friendly buildings, we create sustainable and prosperous urban environments for cities and their citizens. Along with creating services and amenities hosted by the occupiers of our buildings, we serve citizens with attractive public spaces and lively gardens. Through enlivening and compacting whole city areas with sustainable development, we aim to contribute to sustainable future through our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction activities.

Minimizing the GHG emissions

Through efficient use of land and space, we can enliven and transform underused areas into more cohesive and holistic part of the city. By creating spaces that support sustainable development in cities, we can contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions caused by built environment and urban sprawl. We aim to create sustainable and innovative solutions for both occupiers and citizen while meeting our sustainability targets. Existing buildings lifespans are expanded by major refurbishments and new buildings are developed as sustainable as possible for a long lifespan.

Energy efficiency and users’ wellbeing as a priority

Energy efficiency and users’ wellbeing are highly prioritized in our development projects. The LEED environmental certification scheme has been used in all major commercial refurbishment projects since 2012, the minimum certification level achieved being LEED Gold. HGR Property Partners aims to uphold a 100% percentage level of environmental certificated buildings using mostly the LEED and WELL rating systems. The minimum level for all future development projects is LEED Gold, but our ambitions are high, and we strive for LEED Platinum certification whenever feasible.