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Are you interested in our commercial real estate solutions? Do you have centrally located real estate assets with strong development potential? Or are you looking for a value-preserving long-term investment? Whatever your need, our experts can help.


Mika AlankoLinkedIn-profile
Mika Alanko
Mika acts as the Chief Executive Officer of our company.
+358 40 544 2373
Kari HelinLinkedIn-profile
Kari Helin
Chairman of the Board, Partner
Kari acts as Chairman of the Board and oversees all aspects of strategic business growth.
+358 40 579 0570
Timo PasanenLinkedIn-profile
Timo Pasanen
Timo acts as the Chief Financial and Investment Officer of our company. He is also responsible for non-real estate related investment activities within our Group (Private equity, equities and funds).
+358 40 595 7913

Real estate development and customer solutions

Tuomas RaikamoLinkedIn-profile
Tuomas Raikamo
Property Development Director
Tuomas is responsible for city development projects and planning.
+358 50 505 6262
Ilkka MäkeläLinkedIn-profile
Ilkka Mäkelä
Property Development Director
Ilkka is responsible for the project management of our development projects.
+358 45 352 9446
Veli-Matti SalonenLinkedIn-profile
Veli-Matti Salonen
Construction Director
Veli-Matti leads our construction contracting activities.
+358 50 539 5436
Tuomas KeskitaloLinkedIn-profile
Tuomas Keskitalo
Project Director
Tuomas is responsible for the development project of Holken residential area.
+358 50 569 0244
Vesa ViitaLinkedIn-profile
Vesa Viita
Property Development Manager
Vesa is responsible for creating customer solutions and concepts in our projects.
+358 40 777 6361
Iina VapaavuoriLinkedIn-profile
Iina Vapaavuori
Property Development Manager
Iina is responsible for creating customer solutions in our development projects.
+358 40 067 3561
Joni LaakkoLinkedIn-profile
Joni Laakko
Property Development Manager
Joni is responsible for the corporate environmental and social responsibility of our property development projects.
+358 40 519 2883
Netta MaijalaLinkedIn-profile
Netta Maijala
Property Development Analyst
Netta participates in project development and in creating customer solutions.
+358 50 556 2202
Helmi HäkkinenLinkedIn-profile
Helmi Häkkinen
Junior Property Development Analyst
Helmi participates in project development planning and in creating customer solutions.
+358 44 099 1707

Finance and investments

Nicholas MinogueLinkedIn-profile
Nicholas Minogue
Investment Manager
Nicholas is responsible for analyzing joint venture development projects as well as overseeing financial control, reporting, and financing.
+358 50 352 1262
Tuomas RämöLinkedIn-profile
Tuomas Rämö
Investment Manager
Tuomas is responsible for analyzing our development projects as well as overseeing financial control, reporting, and financing.
+358 50 558 2224
Tatu LemmettyLinkedIn-profile
Tatu Lemmetty
Real Estate Investment Analyst
Tatu participates in project development, financing and financial monitoring tasks.
+358 40 745 6140


Riitta HeikkuriLinkedIn-profile
Riitta Heikkuri
Administration Manager
Riitta manages administration of the group and our projects as well invoicing.
+358 40 521 5179
Laura WilkkiLinkedIn-profile
Laura Wilkki
Executive Assistant
Laura supports organization’s executives with various office duties such as calendar management and travel arrangements, and provides smooth running of our working days.
+358 40 593 7550

Career at HGR?

We are constantly looking for new talents. If you are motivated to work on significant property development projects and willing to complement our team with your skills, please contact us!